Case study of Cookon

Brand redesign for Cookon.

Working with Gibsons Business Consultancy we were asked to provide the creative direction and brand development for Cookon, one of Australia’s longest standing manufacturers of bespoke kitchen products.

We wanted to create something of a full stop. All you need is a cookon, and just as the tag line says; because they cookon and on, and on...

Cookon web site

Website design and development.

Strength, reliability, honesty. Chefs work hard, their materials work hard and when your servicing potentially hundreds of people all in one go, you need something you can rely on.

The website needed to reflect the values of Cookon, no frills, no fuss, it just works. A stylish elegant website using pared back black and white images to push the hardiness of the featured products.

See the site;

Copywriting Di Challenor.
Finished design Matt Turk

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